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We are a small church that seeks to put Christ first and see Him change the lives of people through the power of the Gospel.

Our Mission

Is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to Worship in the power of the Holy Spirit and to love one another as Christ loves us.

Our Values

Christ Centered – We strive to proclaim nothing but the cross of Christ and Him crucified, and trust in the Power of the Gospel for the Salvation of everyone who believes, and for the sanctification of those who follow Christ.

Bible Based– All Scripture is God Breathed and is the ultimate authority and foundation for faith and practice. God Created the Cosmos through His Word, God recreates His people through His Word and God builds His Church through His Word.

Spiritually Surrendered – We are called to surrender ourselves to God as a living sacrifice and to submit to one another as we humbly seek to serve our Savior.

Like Minded – We as a body are called to be of one mind with a common theology that will promote unity of purpose and a bond of brotherhood.

Love Motivated – Love is the foundational principle of the Scriptures and our highest call is to love one another as Christ has loved us which results in unity and deep caring relationships. Love also compels us to love our neighbor and to share the love of Christ with them.

Cross Bearing – To be a disciple of Christ we must, deny ourselves and bear our own cross and follow Him, therefore we seek to train and equip genuine disciples of Christ.

Prayer Driven – We believe that prayer is the work, ministry the result, therefore we strive to put prayer central to everything we do.



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